Danielle was born and raised in Ohio, where she got her bachelors degree in Advertising and began her career at an advertising agency. In 2010, she met and followed a handsome Marine (her now husband) to Charleston, SC. This is where she first fell in love with Yoga, but worked full time as an Account Executive, leaving little time to pursue other passions. After having her daughter she decided to leave the advertising profession behind to stay home while her husband was away for training and they were in transition. Yoga and meditation helped Danielle maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit through the transition and what could have been a very lonely, difficult time with a new baby. She then realized how much she loved to introduce and share the gift of yoga with her friends and family. So when she moved to New Bern in 2016 and learned of a Yoga Teacher Training at A Hopeful Balance, it was just a no brainer...she knew this was where she was meant to be and it was finally the right time. Danielle loves the sense of community, inspirational teachers and friendships she has found practicing at A Hopeful Balance. She will soon be 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified through Open Studio and cannot wait to share this journey and the gift of yoga with you!