David Santiago retired, with wife Mary, to New Bern in January 2016 after working 30 years in Pharma. He previously lived in New Jersey, California, and settled in North Carolina. David stayed physically active all his life. He toured and played competitive racquetball for 25 years then moved onto cycling. Started Spinning in 1997 following the styles of Johnny G and Mad Dogg indoor cycling. Got Indoor Cycling certified with IFTA in 2001. In his 15 years of teaching Indoor Cycling, he gave workshops on how to teach spin, how to create profiles (rides), and on spinning safety in class. He coordinated a number of spinning events; including Spin-A- Thons. A number of his profiles have been published and used on Pedal-On.com. He also did a podcast for IDC-Pro. David taught at seven different locations (A Hopeful Balance being his eighth). He was a guest teacher at a number of domestic and international clubs; including classes taught in Spanish in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

His classes incorporate different styles music, themes, and single artist series – including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Billy Joel, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Grateful Dead, Genesis, Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, and most recently Pink. One of his most popular and requested strength rides includes a video and special effects to the hypnotic rock sounds of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”.