Lauren Hall Puller was born and raised in West Virginia before moving to San Diego, CA in 2012. Her husband is active duty in the Marine Corps and that’s what brought her to New Bern in August of 2016. While in California, she worked full time in retail as a district manager leaving very little time for anything else. Now in New Bern, she can focus on finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Finance. Being in New Bern has allowed her to fall back in love with fitness and with the support of everyone at A Hopeful Balance, Lauren is now Schwinn certified for indoor cycling. She is following her fitness passion by completing the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in the Fall of 2017 and looking forward to more fitness doors to open in the future.  She is the fur-momma of two Olde English Bulldogs, Daisy Mae and Chesty, which keep her very busy with continuous belly rubs and lots of snuggling. Spending time reading, at the beach and hanging out with Hubby are her usual hobbies between spending time at the studio and working on school. She is so excited to bring her passion and energy to any fitness area and continue to grow with the support of everyone around her! .