open studio



Sheryl Light: with deep gratitude, I respectfully acknowledge my amazing teachers and mentors from all over the world. I like to think of my own yoga practice as an eclectic journey which leads my teaching to a more intuitive place that honors the individual form. I extend an open invitation to all to join me in discovering the spirited and transformational path within; being present for each moment no matter what arises, honoring the individual body and its very own unique needs. My exploration into yoga began shortly after the birth of my twins as I looked for a form of movement and meditation to fit into the busy life of a mom to 3 wonderful boys and working artist.


Thomas Slattery: study of Yoga and Barre was a natural extension of his career as a dancer. Although Tom was schooled as a chemist, he was able to discover dance while in college, and hasn’t looked back since. Tom has had the opportunity of studying with many great teachers who have both educated and inspired him to share the wonderful benefits of movement with others. Tom is a master yoga practitioner, artist, and dedicated fitness advocate. He has incorporated influences from several different yoga systems along with his passion for dance and the capabilities of the human form to develop his unique approach. He has been a professional dancer for many years including seven spent in Paris performing with a leading cabaret. While in Europe he studied art and design. His work as an artist has evolved with his passion for yoga and the balance it brings to his life. Tom’s knowledge of body mechanics and the workings of the human mind make him a truly unique facilitator of that which he teaches. Tom strives to lead students in a practice that is revitalizing, restorative, and motivating. His supportive style of instruction and enthusiastic sense of humor consistently leaves his students refreshed, thoughtful, and smiling.