Hometown: Hoptacong, NJ

In my classes: I hope that you will learn to appreciate your body and all it does for you, that self-love is so important to our physical and mental health and that yoga is for every body, regardless of age, wight, shape or size.

Guilty Pleasure: I have two! 1) Taking long, hot soaks in the tub with lots of bubbles (the longest has been two hours) I am also known to take naps in the shower. 2) When the Carolina Panthers are playing I am off the grid! Im such a big fan it makes me laugh!

The Random: A song that would best describe my life- Im dating myself here, but Get Together by the Youngbloods (1967). I was 11 when it came out and I oftentimes sing it at school- to the children, walking down the hall, with the teachers I work with... "come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together try to love one another". There is so much adversity and unkindness in our world. I really try to share the love and show kindness as much as I can.